Interior Design Cape Town

Who We Are

stint interior architecture is a Cape Town based interior design studio with over 20 years of experience in a wide range of the interior architecture & design sectors, Corporate + Commercial, Hospitality + Leisure, Residential and Retail Design.

Creating beautiful functional spaces our clients can identify with & is wowed by is our passion.


Design Is One of the Most Powerful Forces in Our Lives. The built environment shapes the way we see and experience our general surroundings. The spaces we occupy affect the way we feel and live. Design can inspire action, facilitate interactions among people, solve problems, and transform an experience. Leading to such outcomes as increased office productivity, better business sales, or simply a comforting place to call home.

Effective design designates a space as a destination in and of itself and responds to the human requirements for that space. We believe that a successful interior is grounded in sound research, observation and created in a joint effort with the client. The success of the spaces we design depends on putting the clients’ interests at the center of our work. We work closely with our clients to develop creative solutions that address the issues and goals of the project.

We create functional and beautiful interiors while respecting the structures that house them. Through understanding the significance of conceptual design and with a humanistic methodology,  
stint can help you realize your vision, no matter how big or small.